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ALAGIE came from a culture where homosexuals were considered the work of the devil and subject to jailing or the death penalty. As a student in the US Alagie posted 14 words in defense of gay rights. He suffered mightily as a result, but survived to become a fierce advocate for human rights.

“Girls In Justice.” Richard Ross’ newest book and baba2films latest work


Richard Ross, Phyllis and Stan at Girls’ Inc. book signing on Saturday, Feb. 28. Photo courtesy of Andy Davis.

Richard Ross, a UCSB professor and internationally known photographer has just published a book entitled, “Girls In Justice.” It follows his earlier work, “Juvenile In Justice.” ‘Girls’ documents his 3 year effort to capture images that are designed to change public policy about why and how we incarcerate girls in this country. His photos are stunning and disturbing. Each image contains a unique, personal, social and political  ‘call to action.’

Shorter clips from the movie.