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ALAGIE came from a culture where homosexuals were considered the work of the devil and subject to jailing or the death penalty. As a student in the US Alagie posted 14 words in defense of gay rights. He suffered mightily as a result, but survived to become a fierce advocate for human rights.

HANK PITCHER| The More You Know, The More You See


HANK PITCHER, acclaimed artist,  believes his work helps people realize the possibilities of a fulfilled life. He is an active environmentalist dedicated to protect the Gaviota Coast from further development and much beloved professor at the College of Creative Studies, UCSB.

KRISTIANNE CLIFFORD | “I am not my past mistakes”

Kristianne made some bad choices  at age 26 and spent the next 18 years paying for them in a California prison. She was paroled in 2012 after achieving many academic and leadership successes. Kristianne currently studies at Antioch University SB and directs Freedom To Choose, which offers a lifeline for those incarcerated in US prisons and jails (over 2.2 million in the USA).


MAGDA BARNES, a young energetic activist who while serving meals to the homeless at Pershing Park, asked two simple (but elegant) questions (How do the homeless clean their clothes? How would I function without clean clothes?) After investigation, she identified an unmet need and implemented the program, Laundry Love Santa Barbara.

Barney Brantingham | Fiesta Man

Since 1960, Barney has been one of Santa Barbara’s best known, premiere journalists. Since 1977, his columns ‘On The Beat’ are read weekly by thousands because of their entertaining and insightful content. His latest column is entitled, “Fiesta Memories: Fast Times at Fiestas Past.”


“…be careful what you wish for….” Matt Kettmann

You’ve all seen wine ratings at your favorite market or wine store. Did you ever wonder who created these ratings? That would be a dream job…right? Matt Kettmann, senior editor of the Santa Barbara Independent, was recently appointed wine critic for the Central Coast Appellations. In “…be careful what you wish for…”, Matt tells his story of ‘blind’ rating wines for The Wine Enthusiast, along with comments from wine industry insiders.