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ALAGIE came from a culture where homosexuals were considered the work of the devil and subject to jailing or the death penalty. As a student in the US Alagie posted 14 words in defense of gay rights. He suffered mightily as a result, but survived to become a fierce advocate for human rights.

HANK PITCHER| The More You Know, The More You See


HANK PITCHER, acclaimed artist,  believes his work helps people realize the possibilities of a fulfilled life. He is an active environmentalist dedicated to protect the Gaviota Coast from further development and much beloved professor at the College of Creative Studies, UCSB.

MOXI Ignites Learning

On Saturday, February 11, baba2films attended the MOXI opening for members only, in advance of the general opening scheduled for February 25. MOXI is every kids’ (young and old alike) dream. There are dozens of exhibits intended to spark curiosity and ignite learning of science and creativity. Enjoy our whirlwind tour of MOXI.

Willie Poindexter, “Master Of Verbal Judo”

An eight-degree black belt in karate, Willie devoted his life to honor his mother, daughter and family. Until he recently retired, he worked at SB juvenile detention facilities, often with troubled, sometimes violent teens in ways described as, “the best there ever was.”

Gary Sangenito, “He Shows Up”


“People show they care when they show up,” according to SB Fire Chief Pat McElroy. “Gary shows up.” He provides a “steady-Eddie” bass guitar beat for dozens of bands around the Central Coast, many gratis or at reduced rates—all after he finishes a grueling day installing roofs.

Bruce and David Corwin, “The Organization, The Business And The Community”

The current Corwins, Bruce and David, are the third and fourth generations to operate movie theaters, which in Santa Barbara has occurred continuously since 1948. Bruce provides some of his fascinating family history and Bruce and David provide a ‘yin-and-yang’ perspective on balancing business with giving back to the community.

David Asbell, “How Do You Jump Off A Tiger?”

In the heart of downtown for more than 100 years, the Lobero Theatre has provided an important venue for the arts. Under David’s leadership, it has been modernized and it continues to offer a rich and often dazzling variety of music and dance entertainment