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DENNIS APEL | Living Their Truth

Dennis and his wife Tensie have devoted their adult lives to serve others (Catholic Worker Movement in Guadalupe, CA) and to protesting against US military expenditures (VAFB) while failing to provide adequate education, housing, health care, food security, transportation, etc. for the working poor.

Women’s March L.A. January 21, 2017


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baba2films along with 750,000 other people marched in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Stan Roden and Phyllis de Picciotto interviewed dozens of people along the parade route about why they were there and the message they hoped to send to the Trump administration. This film contains a few of their comments.

Climate Change Science and Practices

baba2films asked people on the streets of Santa Barbara about their views on Climate Change and then about their habits and practices on environmental issues. We wanted to explore whether people’s practices conform to their political views on climate change. We received some interesting responses.

“Girls In Justice.” Richard Ross’ newest book and baba2films latest work


Richard Ross, Phyllis and Stan at Girls’ Inc. book signing on Saturday, Feb. 28. Photo courtesy of Andy Davis.

Richard Ross, a UCSB professor and internationally known photographer has just published a book entitled, “Girls In Justice.” It follows his earlier work, “Juvenile In Justice.” ‘Girls’ documents his 3 year effort to capture images that are designed to change public policy about why and how we incarcerate girls in this country. His photos are stunning and disturbing. Each image contains a unique, personal, social and political  ‘call to action.’

Shorter clips from the movie.