KRISTIANNE CLIFFORD | “I am not my past mistakes”

Kristianne made some bad choices  at age 26 and spent the next 18 years paying for them in a California prison. She was paroled in 2012 after achieving many academic and leadership successes. Kristianne currently studies at Antioch University SB and directs Freedom To Choose, which offers a lifeline for those incarcerated in US prisons and jails (over 2.2 million in the USA).


MAGDA BARNES, a young energetic activist who while serving meals to the homeless at Pershing Park, asked two simple (but elegant) questions (How do the homeless clean their clothes? How would I function without clean clothes?) After investigation, she identified an unmet need and implemented the program, Laundry Love Santa Barbara.

Women’s March L.A. January 21, 2017


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baba2films along with 750,000 other people marched in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Stan Roden and Phyllis de Picciotto interviewed dozens of people along the parade route about why they were there and the message they hoped to send to the Trump administration. This film contains a few of their comments.

David Hopkins (Hopper) The Golden Five Minutes

Hopper helps an unhoused man
Hopper helps an unhoused man

DAVID HOPKINS was addicted and living on the streets most of his teen and adult life. He prayed daily for his own death. Stacy came along and convinced him get off the streets. Ultimately, a shattering event drove him to get sober and return to school, where he earned a drug and alcohol counseling degree. Currently, Hopper trains and leads a team to help Vets, addicts and the mentally ill on the streets of his Santa Barbara.