What do we do? Glad you asked.

baba2films produces films with social justice and human rights themes. We collaborate with social activists to find and film stories that will alter stereotypical thinking and ignite social change. Our films are shot in journalistic, cinema verite style.  

What do we believe in?

We believe that people will make change happen if exposed to powerful true stories and images. We believe that the single greatest deterrence to meaningful change is our tendency to see social problems through myths about them. Our mission is to debunk stereotypical thinking.

How do we work?

baba2films engages in active partnership with community engagement programs. We amplify the unique voices of those we collaborate with. We gather information and produce high-quality explanatory journalism. We disseminate our work globally through web/digital formats via multiplatform project strategies. Our tags are Explanatory Journalism, Culture, Myths and Social Impact.