Barney Brantingham | Fiesta Man

Since 1960, Barney has been one of Santa Barbara’s best known, premiere journalists. Since 1977, his columns ‘On The Beat’ are┬áread weekly by thousands because of their entertaining and insightful content. His latest column is entitled, “Fiesta Memories: Fast Times at Fiestas┬áPast.”

“…be careful what you wish for….” Matt Kettmann

You’ve all seen wine ratings at your favorite market or wine store. Did you ever wonder who created these ratings? That would be a dream job…right? Matt Kettmann, senior editor of the Santa Barbara Independent, was recently appointed wine critic for the Central Coast Appellations. In “…be careful what you wish for…”, Matt tells his story of ‘blind’ rating wines for The Wine Enthusiast, along with comments from wine industry insiders.