Climate Change Science and Practices

baba2films asked people on the streets of Santa Barbara about their views on Climate Change and then about their habits and practices on environmental issues. We wanted to explore whether people’s practices conform to their political views on climate change. We received some interesting responses.

People On The Streets of Santa Barbara: Drought | Year Four

baba2films has been on the streets of Santa Barbara asking people about the CA drought, now that it’s in its 4th year, and how they are coping.  Our interviewees included a student, landowners, Reiki practitioner-volunteer, shop owner, real estate professional, investor,  inventor and a poet-philosopher.

People On The Streets of Santa Barbara: Refugio Beach Oil Spill

baba2films has been working on the streets asking residents about major local issues. On Memorial Day May 25, 2015, baba2films and Rebecca Anglin asked people at the Santa Barbara Harbor — from fishermen, sailor, beachgoers, divers and tourists — to share their candid thoughts on the May 19 pipeline rupture, what should be done to prevent another tragic spill and what each of us can do to reduce our use of oil.

The movie begins with a thoughtful statement from Paul Relis, one of the founders of the S. B. Community Environmental Council and former Executive Director.

This film was published on June 1 at the SB Independent.