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Please meet and enjoy short films about 16 Santa Barbara individuals and organizations that have made our community the unique and caring place that it is. Each film subject has contributed passion, time, energy, love and treasure to the common good. It was a privilege to bring you their stories.
Phyllis de Picciotto, Stan Roden and baba2films

David Hopkins (Hopper) The Golden Five Minutes

Hopper helps an unhoused man
Hopper helps an unhoused man

DAVID HOPKINS was addicted and living on the streets most of his teen and adult life. He prayed daily for his own death. Stacy came along and convinced him get off the streets. Ultimately, a shattering event drove him to get sober and return to school, where he earned a drug and alcohol counseling degree. Currently, Hopper trains and leads a team to help Vets, addicts and the mentally ill on the streets of his Santa Barbara.